JANIPOP stands for Jatiya Nirbachan Parjabekkhan Parishad and in English National Election Observation Council. JANIPOP was founded by Professor Dr. NAZMUL AHSAN KALIMULLAH on 30 July 1995 through a press conference in the National Press Club in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since its birth, it has reached its 14th year of election monitoring.
JANIPOP observed elections both domestically and internationally. It observed 7th Parliamentary, 6th Union Parishad, City Corporation, Municipal, 8th Parliamentary and 7th Union Parishad Elections, 9th parliamentary and 2nd Upazila Parishad Election. JANIPOP observed 3 consecutive bi elections namely Munshiganj-1, Dhaka-10 and Gazipur-2 on a long-term basis in 2004. Mobilizing own resources JANIPOP observed Kishoreganj-6 bi-elections on 2nd April,2009 and Shunamganj-4 bi-elections on 15th june, 2009
JANIPOP  observers observed elections in Pakistan in 1997, in the UK in 1997 and 1998, Pre Congress election situation in USA in 1998, pre referendum scenario in Denmark in 2000, 12th Parliamentary Elections in Sri Lanka in 2001 and Legislative Council Elections in Hong Kong in September 2004,National and ProvincialElections in Pakistan in february, 2008 and Contituent Assembly Elections in Nepal in April, 2008.