About us

JANIPOP stands for Jatiya Nirbachon Parjabekkhon Parishad and in English National Election Observation Council. JANIPOP was founded by Prof. Dr. Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah on 30 July 1995 through a press conference in the National Press Club in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With reference to Election Day mobile observation, JANIPOP partnered with The ASIA Foundation (TAF) and co-founded Election Working Group(EWG) and observed 9th Parliamentary Elections in 128 constituencies. In addition with TAF assisstance observed Upazila Elections in 25 Upazilas under DHAKA Division on 22 January, 2009.Mobilizing own resources JANIPOP observed Kishoreganj-6 bi-elections on 2nd April,2009 and Shunamganj-4 bi-elections on 15th june, 2009.  Since its birth, it has reached its 14th year of election monitoring.
JANIPOP observed elections both domestically and internationally. It observed 7th Parliamentary, 6th Union Parishad, City Corporation, Municipal, 8th Parliamentary ,7th Union Parishad Elections, 9th Parliamentary Elections and 2nd Upazila Elections. Lately, JANIPOP observed 3 consecutive bi elections namely Munshiganj-1, Dhaka-10 and Gazipur-2 on a long-term basis.
JANIPOP observed elections in Pakistan in 1997, in the UK in 1997 and 1998, Pre Congress election situation in USA in 1998, pre referendum scenario in Denmark in 2000, 12th Parliamentary Elections in Sri Lanka in 2001, Legislative Council Elections in Hong Kong on September, 2004, Elections in Egypt in September, 2005, Congressional Primary Elections in the USA in September , 2006, National and Provincial Elections in Pakistan in February, 2008 and Constituent Assembly Elections in Nepal in April, 2008.JANIPOP volunteers also observed elections in India. Besides this, JANIPOP team visited UN headquarters in New York in 1996 and attended Other Euro Summit in Amsterdam in 1997. It also participated in the 1st Global Congress on Democracy held in New Delhi in 1999.
On the eve of 8th Parliamentary Elections JANIPOP joined Election Monitoring Working Group (EMWG) under the auspices of the Asia Foundation. A joint report was published from EMWG where JANIPOP provided valuable inputs.

JANIPOP has a pool of more than 4000 national volunteers throughout the country. It also has 6 divisional and 6 sub divisional coordinators who assist the national secretariat. The pool has been developed very carefully over the years with volunteers who are energetic, impartial, dynamic and sincere. JANIPOP carried out its activities such as training of the observers, development of materials, maintenance of office and equipment, and observation of election by mobilizing local resources. It developed a strong team spirit and affinity towards the organization with the help of friends in its initial stage of inception. This team spirit facilitated JANIPOP activities.
JANIPOP observers were also observing the difficulties of the disabled voters at the polling stations and intensely felt that the disabled people can also be involved in observing election as partners.  The first disabled observer of the world was deployed by JANIPOP.  The disabled observers of JANIPOP kept credible examples of effective election observation at the international, national as well as the local level.
JANIPOP also keenly observed that the senior citizens do not enjoy any priority while casting their vote. They have to depend on their family members mostly. Since then JANIPOP lobbied and advocated for ensuring voting rights of the disabled people and the senior citizens.
Besides these, JANIPOP is campaigning for introducing ‘Proportional Representation System’ in place of the existing ‘First Past the Post System’. Through mobilizing local resources, JANIPOP prepared campaign materials such as t-shirts of different shades of colors, blue and khaki caps, and umbrellas of various colors, raincoats, tea mugs, posters, stickers, calendars and postcards. In all the items JANIPOP used its logo.

Mobile observation is becoming a costly affair day by day. With reference to ensuring maximum area coverage and quality observation, financial assistance has emerged as a crucial factor. In order to enhance its organizational capacity, JANIPOP decided to become a partner of NIPOM and carried out its election observation activity with external funding. With reference to long-term election observation, JANIPOP partnered with International Republican Institute (IRI) and with its logistical support, JANIPOP succeeded in implementing LTO projects in Bangladesh.

JANIPOP is uncompromising with its quality of work and it has maintained its neutrality, credibility and professionalism in its life span.